Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are all affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Our priority is to understand how you have been affected and help find the right solution for your situation. We’ve been working hard to make sure we can provide the support you need. If you require assistance, we may be able to give you:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

COVID-19 is affecting my income, what can I do?
Don’t worry, we understand that this is an unprecedented situation that may affect your finances. We’re able to be flexible in order to accommodate your needs. The important thing is that you contact us so we can help. StepChange and National Debtline have more advice and information on COVID-19.
What if I am struggling to make my payments?
We appreciate that your situation may change during this time. If you’re concerned, please get in touch, in advance if possible, and we’ll work with you to find the best way forward.
Where can I get extra support?
StepChange and National Debtline have further information on COVID-19 and managing your finances. There are other charities such as Mind and Samaritans that maybe able to help if you are struggling with your mental health.
Where can I get more advice on COVID-19?
The Coronavirus is impacting many people and can pose a serious health risk. We want everyone to stay safe, so please follow the advice being given by the UK government and the NHS.
Is your call centre still open as usual?
Our offices are still open but our waiting times might be longer than usual. Please check our contact us page for other ways to talk to us. If you’re struggling and need to speak to us about something, please be patient and we’ll answer as soon as we can, or you can email us and we will call you back.
Can I pay online?
Yes, you can make a one-off card here. If you want to setup a payment plan, please get in touch so we can arrange that for you.