A trusted and experienced partner for utility providers

ACS provides specialist debt recovery services to the UK's water, electricity, and gas utility providers. These include live and final-billed debt recovery as well as meter disconnections and other site-based services.

Our operations are optimised for the unique nature of utility sector debt.

Collector-negotiators can combine Ofgem (or future Ofwat) compliant meter disconnection activities with their debt recovery negotiations. This is possible by close working with our sister company ACS Utility Services which carries out the pre-disconnection visits (PDV's) and disconnections.

The preparation for disconnection and the debt recovery process are run side by side each supporting the other. This shortens the recovery process, improves recovery rates, and reduces exposure to an increasing debt as a result of continued usage.

A specialist final billed team handles the disconnected or loss accounts.

Our aim is to get more cash into your bank account, improve your cash flow and capital position, and reduce your bad debt exposure whilst enhancing your customer retention. We partner with water, electricity, and gas utility providers to,

We stand apart from other agencies by offering a service that is dedicated to the utility sector. With almost two decades of partnership with UK utility companies we have an unrivaled knowledge of the sector. For a full review of what makes us unique download our white paper "What makes a good utility sector collections partner?"


Dedicated services for the utility sector

Utility debt recovery is provided on a 'no-collection, no-fee' basis. So, if you choose to use our debt recovery service there will be no additional risk to your business. Our other utility specific services include,

Disconnections and field services: We can manage some or all of your disconnections and related in-the-field needs - details here

Outsourced credit control: Provided as either an extension to your team, short term support to cover staff shortages, or a fully outsourced department - more here.

Other issue resolution: Our field and office teams can assist clients to resolve many other utility related issues - details here