Case Study

Busy PA to Spire Healthcare Consultant recovers time and money with no risk and NO COST

Our client is a busy healthcare professional, with an equally busy PA. In addition to her day to day duties, the PA was trying to chase outstanding invoices but finding it difficult to make the time.

 “My day is already full looking after my boss’s schedule, but I know it is important to keep our cashflow healthy. Even though it isn’t a pleasant job, I was trying to make time to chase our late payers, but it was always a struggle. When I did have the chance to make a telephone call, I found I couldn’t always get hold of the customer and, as we are really busy, it was a real drain on my time to have to keep on trying.

Even when I did get through, often a payment was promised but didn’t materialise. I felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall and getting nowhere. Even worse, I was worried it could lead to me not having enough time for our customers who do pay on time because I was always chasing my tail.

A friend suggested I try a debt recovery company and recommended ACS. I was a bit concerned that using a collections company might lead to complaints, but I needed to do something so I gave them a call. Lisa at ACS made sure she understood our business and what I needed before agreeing to take us on. ACS are very professional in how they handle our clients and not one customer has complained. It has been a real weight off my mind.

 Now, if we have overdue bills I just pass them to ACS knowing they will be able to chase them much more effectively than I ever could, leaving me free to concentrate on my job. So far they have collected almost every invoice I have passed to them, and that alone would be worth the cost, but they have also managed to collect their fees from our customers making the service effectively free.

If you are busy like me, this is one area where you can save valuable time straightaway. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Our client now instructs us as soon as an invoice becomes overdue. Our experienced team of account managers take over responsibility of contacting the customer, chasing payment of outstanding invoices and understanding and resolving any queries or disputes that may be holding the payment up.

To date, we have collected 99% of the accounts passed by our client and all of our fees. On average, each account was settled within 20 days of instruction. It’s true that we do not achieve those results for every client, but the earlier we are involved, the better the results are.

If you have outstanding invoices and would like an informal, no obligation chat about your options and how we can help, call Lisa Phillips on 01707 252 900 or email

Risk Free
Unlike many collections agents, we do not charge any up front or set up fees. It costs you nothing to send an account to us. We charge a percentage of the money that we recover, but in all cases we will we will try and recover our costs from your debtors so we can return more of your money to you.

Play to your strengths
With over 13 years experience in debt recovery, ACS are experts in our field, just as you are in yours. Does it really make sense to spend your valuable time trying to do something that you are not trained or experienced in? Focus on your strengths and let us worry about your debtors.

Call Lisa on 01707 252 900 to discuss your current outstanding invoices and find out if we can help