Advantages of debt recovery over legal action
Late Payment Letter Sample

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1 Stay in control
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3 Maintain brand integrity
Professionally drafted letter compliant with latest regulations.


Late-Payment-Demand letter

For £3.00 (plus VAT) you can toughen up your collection process by sending a Late-Payment-Demand letter backed by a Debt Collection Agency (DCA).

If a customer is ignoring your requests for payment a cost effective next step is to send a Late-Payment-Demand letter.

ACS are FCA regulated debt recovery specialists. Our aim is to recover your money prior to expensive legal action. A Late-Payment-Demand letter and e-mail sent by ACS,

The ACS Late-Payment-Demand letter requests payment and outlines the steps that may be taken to recover the debt and the additional costs that could be incurred should it remain unpaid.

The debtor is instructed to contact or make payment directly to you.


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This is a pay-as-you-go service with no hidden costs. There is no obligation to use any of our other credit control or debt recovery services. Our letters are compliant with current regulations and can be used to support future legal action.