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"I have no hesitation in recommending ACS Limited to any organisation that requires debt recovery..."

Credit Manager

ACS provides specialist debt recovery services to the UK's water, electricity, and gas utility providers. These include live and final-billed debt recovery as well as meter disconnections and project based site services.

Unique skills

We stand apart from other agencies by offering services dedicated to the utility sector. Operations are optimised for the unique nature of utility sector debt and skill based teams specialise in live collections, final billed collections or field services.

Meaning: A service which outperforms other agencies and delivers results compliant with FCA and Ofgem requirements.

Unique resources

A proprietary management platform combines the features of conventional debt recovery platforms with disconnection and field services management solutions. This enables our collector-negotiators to combine Ofgem (or Ofwat) compliant meter disconnection with debt recovery negotiations. Our sister company, ACS Utility Services, carries out the pre-disconnection visits (PDV's) and disconnections.

Meaning: Early agreement of customer repayment plans, higher collection rates, lower collection costs, and better financial performance for utility partners.

Unique experience

Almost two decades of partnership with utility providers ranging from small start-ups to the top ten ranked B-to-B utility providers including providers from the Big Six has given ACS a unique experience and understanding of the different business models and business volumes within the sector.

Meaning: A service which is compliant not only with the regulatory environment but also your business model and work processes.

Unique benefits

Partnering with ACS not only delivers the exceptional collection performance described above but also benefits partners in other ways - from an enhanced customer service to maintaining brand integrity - Six benefits of partnering with ACS.

Meaning: A partnership with ACS is as much about achieving your overall business goals as it is about maximising collections.


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