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Six ways utility partners benefit with ACS

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"I have no hesitation in recommending ACS Limited to any organisation that requires debt recovery..."

Credit Manager

Partnering with ACS not only delivers exceptional collection performance but supports your business in other ways.

Partner benefits: We partner with water, electricity, and gas utility providers to,

  1. Maximise recovery rates: Collector-negotiators pro-actively arrange repayment plans to maximise collections, renegotiate direct debit instructions (DDIs), and resolve complex billing queries.

  2. Maximise customer service performance: Our customer centric approach resolves the customer's debt problems whilst maximising collections and minimising complaints. This helps achieve good Ofgem or Ofwat customer service rankings.

  3. Minimise on-site service costs: Through ACS Utility Services we support clients on-site needs for meter management, disconnections, and tenancy issues. We manage the hassle whilst clients gain lower on-site service costs.

  4. Recover final billed debt: Disconnected and loss accounts are not written-off. ACS continues to recover debt after meter disconnection. Our final billed team specialise in recovinng disconnected and loss account debt.

  5. Minimise time, effort and cost: Our service is easy to use, cost effective and requires minimal effort to manage. A proprietary web based client portal encourages easy real time communication of data, documents, and messages. It allows real time updating of accounts and uploading of new debt. The portal is highly rated and is the key to getting high recovery rates and seamless friction free integration with the client's team.

  6. Maintain brand integrity: We reduce a clients exposure to bad press and Ofgem/Ofwat sanctions and the threat to market share with a regulated and accredited status that puts best practice at the core of our services.