Cashflow Services

More than just debt collection.... ACS offer the following services to improve your cashflow.

1. Debt Recovery - For when credit control has failed and you need to escalate to an expert to recover your money, choose our Debt recovery service – no win, no fee, no risk.

2. Credit Control - Although debt recovery is our core service, the ideal situation is to avoid having debt in the first place. By acting as your credit control department, through a separate address and telephone number, we can use all our resources and expertise to ensure prompt payment of your invoices.  This leaves your staff free to concentrate on their primary business functions and improves your productivity and cash flow.  Other benefits include: 

Should an invoice exceed your credit terms the debt can automatically be passed to our collection department together with a history of the account.

3. Free letter suite appraisal* Simply email us the current credit control letters you use and our experts will appraise them, suggest improvements if appropriate and advise why we think they should be amended. This service usually costs £150 + VAT *1st appraisal of up to 3 letters

4. Letter only service For customers who want to send debt recovery letters but not actually instruct debt recovery action. You can flag your accounts for letters to be sent on our letterhead, but under your control. If you still don’t get paid, you can still appoint us later in the process. Pay only for the letters you send.

5. Strategy review meeting An initial half day meeting at your premises to discuss your current credit control situation and performance, assess your processes and advise how to make improvements that will reduce your debtor days and help you collect more cash.

6. Telephone technique training Train your staff in better telephone techniques, learn how to handle objections and delaying tactics. Learn the essential skill of getting the invoice paid without losing the customer.

7. Credit control consultancy If you don’t have the resources to appoint a full time credit control manager, this is a cost effective solution giving you ongoing access to expertise to help develop and implement the most effective credit control processes for your company.