Our flexibility is our strength

Recovering debts in the telecommunications sector differs from other types of recovery. For a start, many of the people we are trying to contact have had their phone number disconnected! Fortunately these days, there are many other methods of contact that we can use. Most people have more than one form of telecommunication whether it be a landline or mobile number. SMS is used as a regular form of contact, together with email, fax and of course the letter. Social media can also be used as a source of contact information.

Historically, the telecommunications industry has passed a lower average debt balance compared to other business sectors. This is probably due in part to providers being able to disconnect the phone line, minimising spiralling costs. The lower balance accounts can make margins tighter, however over the years ACS have tailored our collection cycle to the methods which suits this type of debt ensuring excellent collection results.

ACS are so confident that we can out perform other DCA's within the publishing sector, we are prepared to be put to the test and take a trial batch of accounts, even where the previous DCA has failed!

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