Green ACS

ACS are committed to reducing the harmful effects that business can have on the environment.

Many of our processes are already environmentally friendly but our aim is to extend our green activities wherever we can. Here are some of the initiatives ACS has made to reduce its impact on the environment and its carbon footprint.

Paperless Office Documents are circulated, read and managed electronically. No document is printed unless absolutely necessary. Incoming and outgoing FAX messages are managed electronically and presented via email. We do not have a photocopying machine. This significantly reduces the volume of paper, toner and energy consumed. Marketing literature is offered to customers in electronic form although when requested we can provide printed brochures.

Recycling Policy All plastic bottles, can, cardboard, and paper (sensitive correspondence is shredded) is sent to our local recycling centre. No paper based waste is discarded in the refuse.

Home Working By utilising the latest communication technologies a proportion of our account managers can work from home as if they were in the office. This reduces their personal carbon footprint. We provide management and IT support remotely where possible, further reducing the need for travel.

Phone Conferencing We make extensive use of phone conferencing using multiparty conferencing to avoid travel by our staff and customers.