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Collect+ leverages higher collection rates and better financial performance from the collection and disconnection process of B-to-B utility providers compared with conventional debt collection approaches.

Debt collection and more: Collect+ is able to reduce the credit period taken by defaulting accounts and the utility provider's cost of ongoing supply. Compared with conventional debt collection approaches Collect+ improves the financial resilience of the business and can,

Collect+ optimises the process of debt collection and account disconnection in a way which delivers better financial KPI and higher recovery rates for the utility.

Proven track record: For almost two decades the solution has been used by ACS to collect debt for clients ranging from small start-ups to the top ten ranked B-to-B utility providers including providers from the Big Six.

In-built cost advantages

Collect+ offers the most advantageous option that a utility provider can choose. Compared with other service choices Collect+ offers the potential to achieve the,

Using Collect+ does not commit you to using any other service.


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