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"We have one of the lowest debt ratios in the industry and believe that the service we receive from ACS will help us maintain and improve this"

Finance Manager

ACS partners with utility providers to assist them to collect an outstanding debt from a ceased or disconnected account. We also assist partners to comply with Ofgem's closed account ruling to repay credit left in a former customer's account.

Utility providers use either our specialist utility service for final billed accounts or our more general tracing or legal services.

Features you benefit from: Our final billed service provides,

Our experience: With almost two decades of partnership with UK utility companies we have an unrivaled knowledge of the sector and its different business models and business volumes.

No-collection no-fee

Utility debt recovery is provided on a 'no-collection, no-fee' basis. So, if you choose to use our debt recovery service there will be no additional risk to your business.

Using the Final Billed service does not commit you to using any other service.


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